• The Band

    Grupo Tierra Libre is a Gainesville, Florida based band which plays authentic Latin American Music.

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  • Mancho

    Mancho is from Lagartillo, Nicaragua. He comes from a family of musicians. He is also builds musical instruments. He is married and has three children.

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  • Silvestre

    Silvestre is originally from Mexico. He plays the drums and the flute. He is also an expert jewelry maker.
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  • Russell

    Russell is originally from Corinto, Nicaragua. He is Mancho's son. Russell is a high school student at Gainesville High. He plays the guitar.
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  • Mario

    Mario is originally from Colombia. He plays the Charango and the Guitar.
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What Our Fans Are Saying...

"This is the greatest band I have ever heard in my life. Much better than the Beatles or the Rolling Stones!!!" Juanita Gonzalez
"I am an anglo but I could listen to this music every minute of the day. It is fantastico!!!" Joe Yankee